Length Retention Mist

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Made with 100% Natural/Organic Ingredients


Our Length Retention Mist will stimulate your follicles, improve the strength of your hair, and stop breakage in its tracks. Our botanical infused spray blended with MSM, Ayurvedic Herbs and Hydrolyzed Keratin for repairing damaged and adding strength for all hair types; this product is easy to use and can be sprayed and massaged directly onto the scalp and on the hair to combat breakage and restore hair back to its healthy state. No greasy oils or offensive smells, this aloe juice based healthy hair elixir contains essential oils for soothing the scalp. Excellent at improving the overall condition of brittle hair. 


Shake before use


Reduce Shedding, Breakage and Increase Healthy Hair Growth.


Spray onto scalp for itch relief and added moisture.